Mind Diary

New Beginning !

Today I re–started my website, Mind Diary, again. I re-designed it, too !

I, somehow, miss the old days … Nostalgia ? Maybe ! Anyway, this is how it looked like, then, when I started it several years ago …

a screenshot of my first website, i.e. Mind Diary
A screenshot of my first website, i.e. this very website: Mind Diary

Adding a New Page: "Knowledge"

I added a new web page, "Knowledge", which contains useful links for learning History and French … Still more to come ! Hopefully !!

More Knowledge Links

I added more links on History to the web page, "Knowledge".

I have just added a new web page, "Web Development", which containslinks for learning Web Development, of course.

Then, I added, again, many MOOC links. I hope that they will be useful for anyone interested in LEARNING, i.e. for those who might, like me, want to EDUCATE or RE–EDUCATE themselves.

Since this website is dedicated to LEARNING, EDUCATION, and, definitely, SELF–IMPROVEMENT, I remembered that I should like to add a video of the trailer of a film called "Mina Walking (2015)", which includes a sentence that might was, subconsciously, the motivation for me to re–start this website again at all — or even to try to re–start educating myself, again.

I remembered, now, one more video, that definitely pushed me, maybe 4 or 5 days ago, to re–start this website and start learning. It is:
Why Should You Read Virginia Woolf ?
This beautiful TEDEd animation video was directed by Sarah Saidan, which is a remarkable animation film director. (I, unfortunately, could not manage to see her "Beach Flags". However, I was lucky enough to see, coincidentally, her "Herzlos" in German — To Germany With Love  !)