Mind Diary

Converting H.265 to H.264
Using HD Video Converter Factory

  1. Download HD Video Converter Factory Free.
  2. Import the H.265 File:
    Launch HD Video Converter Factory Free software and choose Converter. Click on "+ Add Files" to import your H.265 video (or drag and drop the file into the program).
  3. Choose the Output Format:
    On the right side of the main screen, hit the format image and select "H264" under the Video section.
    If you want other container formats such MKV, MOV, etc., you can first click the corresponding format under the same Video section, and then you can go to "Parameter settings" and change the Encoder to "H264" within the section entitled Video Settings.
  4. Start the H265 to H264 Conversion:
    Choose an "output path" by clicking the inverted triangle at the bottom of the main screen, then click "Run".